Most Essential Arrangements for the Slot Machines

RNGs are programmed so that the casino has a mathematical advantage over the player. If the numbers are unpredictable, on the other hand, they are more favorable for the house.Slots have a very low payout rate, and there is no such thing as a “hot” or “cold”SLOT777 machine.

Online slots: possible strategies

Several legendary strategies around online slot machines are circulating on the Web. You are free to give it a try, but know that they have never proven their worth.

The principle of the zigzag system is as follows:

  • Choose 3 or 4 slots (or more) on the site
  • Open them simultaneously
  • Launch several spins in a row on each of the machines
  • Observe if a recurring pattern forms on any of the machines. For example, a V or X shape (it doesn’t matter what symbols draw the shape)
  • If any of these patterns appear over multiple turns, focus on the affected machine
  • The idea behind this system: a machine whose symbols draw a recurring pattern would be ready to pay

An idea that is ultimately quite absurd, knowing that as explained above each spin is completely independent. The shapes of V or X are for entertainment purposes only, and in no way provide information on the ability of a slot to make you win.

Strategies based on bankroll management

Several online slots strategies suggest that you manage your money in a particular way.The “straight 60%” strategy advises you to exit a machine after winning or losing 60% of your chip stock. Also exit the machine if you have won absolutely nothing after 9 spins.

Example: you start playing on the Starburst slot with a bankroll of € 30.

You must leave the machine in one of the following 3 cases:

  • You win 30 €
  • You lose 30 €
  • You win nothing at all for 9 consecutive spins.

Another strategy: “play and run”. The idea: not to play more than 5 or 10 minutes on the same online slot:


  • Divide your bankroll to make several equal sessions, each lasting 5 or 10 minutes. Example: with 50 €, do 5 sessions of 10 minutes, playing 10 € maximum. All on 5 different machines.
  • Leave with your winnings once the time is up.
  • Quit the game after 9 losing spins (even if the 5 or 10 minutes are not over).
  • These strategies, like the others, have not been proven successful. But they have the merit of teaching you to manage your bankroll, and thus limit your loss of money.

Game Tips

If the strategies for winning at slots are unreliable, you can still apply a few tips.

Avoid so-called “progressive” machines

The progressive slots jackpots are attractive. But since the potential payouts are high, these machines pay less often. The chances of winning the jackpot are close to those of winning the lottery, in other words almost zero. Prefer machines with small jackpots, which pay less but more often.

Respect a monthly or weekly deposit limit

Depending on your playing frequency, you will have to top up your player account every week or every month. In any case, avoid recharging every day! Set a budget per week (or per month) and stick to it scrupulously. Playing slots is neither a professional activity nor a source of income.

Try video poker

The games are similar there, but it is possible to build a strategy to win. More intellectually stimulating, video poker also offers a higher payout rate.

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