Once you are installed, the game proceeds
exactly like any other game, except that this time there is a professional
dealer who takes care of managing the game for you. Not only is it very
comfortable and classy, ​​but it will give you much more time to be attentive
to the action and to observe your opponents well at night.

Always advertise what you are doing

This will make the game in best casino in palm
much easier for you and for the other players at the
table. Many complications would not even appear if everyone took the trouble to
announce their actions. So you might as well get into this good habit now.

If you want to call, say “I
am”, if you want to raise, say “raise”, then the amount, and
only then move your chips forward. If you want to pass, say “I pass”.

In addition, the fact of
announcing your bet will avoid you the infamous “string bet”: the bet
of chips in several times when you want to bet or raise and you have to try it
twice to advance all the chips behind the line. It is prohibited and in this
case only the tokens of the first batch will be counted (in the case of a

Always keep your cards clearly visible in front of your stack and put a
chip on top

This shows that you are still in
the game. The token on your cards protects them. If a player throws his cards
into the muck (discards them) and accidentally touches yours without them being
protected, your hand is no longer valid, without possible discussion.

  • Likewise, if you are sitting in place 1 or 10
    (right next to the dealer) and the latter takes your unprotected cards and
    throws them into the muck, you will not be able to say anything.
  • So really always, always, always protect your
    hand. You don’t even have to use a token,your lucky Hello Kitty figurine will
    do if you want.

Follow the game well

Always pay attention to what’s
going on. Don’t be that guy who never knows who should play. The dealer usually
indicates quite clearly who should play, so be ready when it’s your turn.

But in any case, being attentive
and following the game well will also allow you to play better as we have
already mentioned above.

Organize your tokens in stacks of 10 or 20

It makes betting so much easier.
A stack of 20 tokens of 1 $ makes 20 $, a stack of 20 tokens of 5 $ makes 100 $,
a stack of 20 tokens of 25 $ makes 500 $, etc. With that, the game is all the
more fluid, especially if you are not too used to playing with real chips. Yes,
unlike poker, you do not have the amount of your stack indicated by a number. It
is also a way that makes life easier for everyone, when it comes to evaluating
an opponent’s stack without even having to ask the dealer for an account.