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Raise one of the most common mistakes experienced players make is to call and raise the river too often. If you trace all the calls made by the players in this situation, you will immediately see that they were losing money on overcalling raises in the final betting round.

Why? Because the players don’t realize how strong their hand must be to call in this situation

They are captivated by theจีคลับ game and are in awe of the size of the pot. But the size of the pot is now much smaller compared to the bet than he could have beaten if there hadn’t been a raise. The rate became twice as expensive, and the bank increased only by one rate. This means that even though the pot has increased, your pot odds have dwindled, and therefore you need a much stronger hand to win. The second player suspects that the bettor has a strong hand, but continues to raise.

This should tell you that your “strong” hand should be much stronger and have a certain “margin of safety”. And remember that most of the players sitting between you and the player who bets first will be forced to raise even without a very strong hand. They are more likely to play cautiously and possibly win the call behind them. Be careful, as some especially cunning players may try to keep you out of the draw. To do this, they can raise if they assume the bettor is bluffing. But this is rare.

We doubt that most of the readers understood what we were just talking about although this is not news to them. It is still not uncommon for experienced (and almost all weak) players to accept a raised river bet too often. If we looked at the statistics of such calls, we think the results would be disappointing for these players.

Getting an overcard

In Hold’em, you must fold any big pair if the flop shows two stronger cards of different rank.This is another common mistake many players make, who nevertheless take pride in their “correct” decision. If you have a hole card J spades J diamonds, and on the table A brood Q of clubs 4 peak , you should not hesitate to fold in response to another player’s bet. Of course, there are times when you should take a bet or even raise it. But usually, unless there is a reason to do otherwise, with a pair and two different cards of a higher rank on the flop, you should fold.


The situation is different when your pair is not that strong, and the flop is two or even three stronger cards, but again, not of a very high rank. It is now up to you to decide how strong the cards are on the flop compared to yours. For example, if someone raised before the flop, the high cards on the flop are

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